Feelings After Giving Birth.

So it's been a hell of a while! And Guess what?! I had my beautiful baby boy. He’s more than I could have imagined. He’s everything I prayed for and more. I’m more convinced than ever that God doesn’t make mistakes. He’s way too perfect to be named a ‘mistake’.

Im convinced God knew which path we would take waaay before we did and he created a pool of redeeming grace for every fall along the way.

He chose not to define us by our falls and to look at us through the lense of Jesus always. So that leaves us redeemed, restored, chosen and His - no. matter. what. He also ensured that whilst we may fall and have some scars - we would reach our destination with his help and forgiving mercy.

Whilst I didn’t intend for my son to be part of my story, God always knew he would be.

I thought my life was over when I found out I was pregnant. I thought I couldn’t be anything of significance. Sounds soooooo silly right? But I’ve become something so significant to something so precious. I’m his mother. And I didn’t lose my life. I found it. Cairo forced me to cultivate a true relationship with God amongst many other things, and for that I’m forever grateful. So whilst many thought my life had ended. In my eyes - it’s actually just begun. And

I’m about to enjoy every second of it.

When I look at him, I’m so happy with my decision. I could never be ashamed of something so beautiful.