I'm Back! | Life Update | What's Next?

It's been ages since I've written a blog post, about four months to be exact! So much has happened, and I thought I'd just post a little update. I feel so rusty when it comes to writing lol, bear with me.

I'm sure many know Cairo and I were blessed with a brand new home.

It was something I was pestering God for and it literally came out of nowhere and fell into my lap, its perfect for us, there's plenty of space for Cairo to run around, we have plenty of outdoor space and it's closer to London than I was before, it's literally everything I was praying for, right down to the floor colour.

I had a lot of people asking me how we got our home, and honestly, it was just prayer. Prayer and faith. One of my new favourite scriptures is Genesis 15:6 [NIV] - "Abram believed the Lord, and He credited it to him as righteousness". This month, I've been studying Genesis, and something I've noticed is that many people who encountered God, were used by God or had anything to do with God, were incredibly flawed, and I mean incredibly.

Abraham is a perfect example.

From sleeping with [most likely raping] Hagar, multiple times, in order to conceive Ishmael, to lying about who his wife Sarah was to him, to disowning Hagar and Ishmael at the word of his jealous wife, Abraham was a man full of issues, yet there was one thing God looked at...His faith. It's almost as if God had his mind made up about Abraham before Abraham even existed, nothing Abraham did surprised God, or deterred God from lavishing His love on Abraham and his descendants.

We could even look at his wife Sarah, a woman who was destined to mother the great nation Israel [through her son Isaac], which still stands blessed today. She was a woman who struggled with her faith, often mocking God by constantly sarcastically asking God whether it was in her old age that she was to both have and nurse a child. A woman, who after forcing her husband to rape her maid, got jealous of their intimacy and pregnancy and later abused the maid, causing the maid to runaway. Once the maid returned Sarah would later have both the maid and her young child banished into the desert with no food or water.

Sarah doesn't sound like someone who deserves to be the mother of Israel. She sounds horrible. If it were up to me, I would have personally picked Hagar. But that's just it, God's ways aren't our own, His thoughts aren't our thoughts, and He often doesn't use who we think He would use.

If you read Romans 8:28-31, you'd see that God has predestined those who would conform to the image of His son. This means God has actually chosen those who will be saved, and in choosing them, he has made it that their lives will cause them to become like Christ.

So, no matter what comes their way, they are loved, they are graced, they are met with mercy and they are given the power they need to pursue all that they are destined to reach. They will fall, but the reassurance lies in knowing that every thing that came their way, was almost destined, as God thought of a way of using every setback for a divine purpose, and thus allowed it to occur.

All I'm tryna say is that I'm seeing that God really couldn't care less about our character, or the perfection we try to portray. He knows we are vile. Lol. Jesus died for every vile thing in us at the cross, so it doesn't even matter. What matters most and what has power is our faith. If we can have faith in Him, and if we can allow our hearts to be consumed by Him, we would change and so would everything in our lives.

Anyway, back to the update!

I'm such an impatient person, so I gave myself about 6-8 weeks to fully furnish our home. That did not happen lol. I did manage to furnish it, but I wouldn't say it's 'done' yet. There's still so much I want to do with this place, and I haven't even started on the outdoor space yet.

I thought I'd add some pics as some wanted to see our progress.

My main theme for the home was black and white with hints of grey, beige, and green. Strange I know, but I like it lol. I wanted to stay away from the Essex-y mirrored, crushed velvet trend, and wanted something that would be simple, but nice.

Living room:

My living room is relatively simple, actually, my whole home is, but I like walking into a space and not feeling overwhelmed. Opposite the TV, I have a corner grey sofa and a white standing butler tray. I'm still indecisive when it comes to adding a rug in the middle as I know Cairo would mess it up lol! I'm also printing some large scale scriptures and framed pictures of my pregnancy, and Cairo and I, which I will add to the walls soon.

Standing Shelf - IKEA Vittsjo, TV Stand with LED Lights - Appliance Direct, Lanterns - B&M, House Plant - Costco

Cairo's Room:

This is one of my favourite places in the house. Purely because I love the vibe. It's simple and Scandinavian. I love Scandinavian interiors. Actually, Id say the whole home is basically Scandinavian. Cai’s room consists of purely wood and white things. Clean and minimal [which, I'm sure you know by now..I love!] Everything in Cairo's room is white, wood, black or silver [apart from toys or clothes]. I wanted to stay away from the blue room or obviously boy room and wanted something that fit into our home theme.

The accent wall[s] aren't wall paper, they're stickers I got from Amazon, I just dotted them on the wall and it came out looking cool. I haven't gone for a traditional wardrobe in Cai's room, he has a clothing rail with white and black hangers. I'm also thinking of mounting a TV on the bare wall, I think it would complete the space, but then I don't want to be that mum who puts a TV in her kids room [rolls eyes] lol.

Tent - Ebay, Toddler Bed - Studio, Rug - Ebay

My room:

I love my room too. This is one side of it. Most of my room is actually white with hints of green, sounds odd but it works. Opposite the TV, I've got the Malm Dresser from Ikea with the Nissedal Mirror, on the left of that is the Hovet Mirror, which is great for taking outfit pictures as its long and wide. I've also got the Hemnes Open Wardrobe from Ikea which I liked over the PAX system as I wanted something different and unique.

Wall Prints - Aldi, Hanging Shelf - Ebay, Locker Cabinet - Ikea, Plant - Facebook Marketplace, Clothing Rail - Habitat

So, theres some snippets of my progress so far. Theres still loads to do! But for now, I'm going to take it slow and add to the home gradually.

Aside from moving home, I've been working on a devotional for single mums. If you haven't read my first devotional, you can read it here. This devotional is second in the series and I hope it encourages any single mum out there. It aint easy chile! But God is alive, He is working and when all is said and done, it will be well with us! I have been planning podcast episodes too, but I'll discuss that in another blog post.

I will be featuring in a few podcasts soon and speaking at a few conferences which I'm excited about. I've also got loads of new blog posts coming too! I've gone back to work full time and Cairo has started nursery. Its been a difficult transition but looking at these past few months, the only thing I could say is that I'm blessed and I am so grateful for everything God has done and has brought me through.

Before quarantine, The M Word did not even exist. I did not have instagram, I did not have a website, devotional...nothing. To be honest six months ago, I was probably still processing the fact I had become a single mother, but six months of focusing on my God, my son, myself and my goals and here we are, with a new home too. My life has done a complete 180. I couldn't take credit for any of it either. It's all been God, from beginning to the end. If it were down to my ability, I'd barely be able to get out of bed, but His grace picks us up when we are desperate and brings us through the wilderness, into our promise land.

I'm just in awe of everything God has done, and I'm excited for what's coming.

God is such a promise keeper, so whatever you are going through don't give up.

He comes through, He reeeeeally does. Believe and hold onto His promises, even when it hurts to. I'm not saying its gonna be pretty and a field of roses, but fight to stand firm in whatever situation you are in. Try and focus on Him, don't look at your circumstances. They are bound to discourage you. Let your faith guard your heart from giving up.

Trust me honey, God never breaks His promises.

- millicent x